ék is a band of young and bright musicians formed in Budapest in 2014. It was no surprise that their very first disc plan immediately earned them a place among the winners of the Cseh Tamás Programme: the many years of varied stage presence was sufficient for developing and moulding their style into the form presented on this disc.

In the past few years the ék members had the chance to work with and learn from numerous renowned musicians and bands (including Jon Lord, Fernando Saunders, Jamie Winchester, Anna and the Barbies, Üllői Úti Fuck, Sickratman etc.). Now in ék they can freely have their swing. Oliver Lee’s peculiar guitar play is combined with Ádám Balasi’s precise and brutal drums, Csabi Kecskeméti’s blunt and elemental basses, and Bence Oláh’s often unearthly and still sensitive keyboard perfomance. Their first album, accompanied up front by two music videos. with the help of the Cseh Tamás Programme, was issued in September 2015 under the title “February”. To a large audience they gave their first concert on 5 September 2015 in Budapest Park, as the invited guests of Quimby, the band that first discovered them.


Quimby & ék

05. 09. 2015, 17:00

Budapest Park

CSTP-zenekarok a Múzeumok Éjszakáján

20. 06. 2015, 18:00

Budapest, Várkert Bazár

Bosky & ék

15. 05. 2015, 23:00

Budapest, Fészek Kulturális Központ

Ék & Early Sundayz

18. 03. 2015, 20:00

Budapest, RoHAM Bar